Name Airu Mikoto
Height 149 cm
Bust, Waist, Hips B: 78cm(B) W: 62cm H: 86cm
Shoe size J 23.5 cm / US / UK
Hobbies Fortunetelling, history, visiting temples and shrines
Smoking Non smorking
Birthday June 9th
Charming points black long hair
No Go Vomit、Scat
Fetish muscles
Blogパッツンの巫女- Japanese only

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Anal play(Fisting, Expanding, Strap-on), Nipple play

Ball busting, Ball kicking, CBT(Cock and Ball Torture)

Body Worship, Facesitting (clothed)

Foot fetish, Foot and Shoe, Boots Worship, Pantyhose adoration

Chasity Control, Humiliation, Tie and Tease

Humiliation in all its forms (verbal and physical)

Candle/Wax, Objectification – human furniture/ashtray

Spitting, Water sports, Tickling

Trampling, heels, boots, bare foot & covered

TV Transformation, Cross-Dressing and Sissification

From Ishtar

Now, she is long vacation.


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