Name Maaya -Crossdresser-
Height 175 cm
Bust / Waist / Hips B:78cm(A) W:68cm H:85cm
Shoe Size 26cm
Hobbies Traveling, Shopping, and my feti
Smoking Non Smoking
Birthday 8th August
Charming Point
Favorite Play Breth control, Bondage,Full mask, gag
Wax, Slave traning
No-Gos Water sports, Vomit, Scat
Fetish ???

Mistress Maaya

Mistress Maaya's promotion campaign:
【Fetish・BDSM Course】
60 Minutes 13,000 Yen  90 Minutes 21,000 Yen  120 Minutes 29,000 Yen  every 30 minutes more +8,000 Yen
【Double Mistress Course】
60 Minutes 24,000 Yen  90 Minutes 35,000 Yen  120 Minutes 46,000 Yen  every 30 minutes more +11,000 Yen


My interest in fetish crossdressing occurred over 10 years, when I tried to look tough and catchy by wearing them.
The intense physical sensation it gives, be it by aroma, touch or appearance made me feel special.
As for my fetish hobby, it was born when I first discovered the bdsm lifestyle and fashion.
And from that moment I got absolutely absorbed by it.
I would love to have training with male and female slaves.
Breath control is my favorite play.
Come to enjoy the fetish training with us and release your fetish mind. Please consult your session with us!

From Ishtar

Mistress Maaya spent some time abroad and speaks fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin.


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