Name Mikuni 美久仁
Height 174 cm
Bust / Waist / Hips B:100cm(E) W:65cm H:106cm
Shoe Size 25cm
Hobbies Art
Smoking Non Smoking
Birthday April, 1st
Charming Point Her firm bum
No-Gos Golden shower, adult baby play
Fetish Enamel
Blogofficial blog

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Anal play(Fisting, Expanding, Strap-on), Nipple play

Whipping, Flogging, Bastinado, Caning, Face slapping, Spanking

Body Worship, Facesitting (clothed)

Foot fetish, Foot and Shoe, Boots Worship, Pantyhose adoration

Leg scissors, Sleeper hold, Breath control

Chasity Control, Humiliation, Tie and Tease

Corporal Punishment: Canes, crops, paddles, whips, straps or simple OTK spanking

Double Domme

Candle/Wax, Objectification – human furniture/ashtray

Pet Training, Puppy training

Spitting, Water sports, Tickling

Trampling, heels, boots, bare foot & covered

From Ishtar

Using her glamorous appearance, Mistress Mikuni leads her subordinates in world of lust and fascination.
Strict or kind, depending on the situation, she takes care of her pets.
With a lot of private experience, she decided to start her professional career at Ishtar SM.
For the lovers of well-formed buttocks, face sitting or trampling, Mistress Mikuni is an absolute recommendation.
Her joy watching you grasp for air under her cheeks, or suffering under her grinding heels, is an experience extraordinaire.


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