Name Yuu 憂
Height 155 cm
Bust / Waist / Hips B:80cm(C) W:58cm H:85cm
Shoe Size J23.5cm / US 6
Hobbies Movie,Music,Japanese cartoons
Smoking MEVIUS Premium Menthol Option Purple 1mg
Birthday 20th June
Charming Point Curves,Hair
No-Gos Vomit, Scat
Twitter @mistress_yuu
Instagram mistress_yuu

Mistress Yuu

Mistress Yuu promotion campaign:
【Fetish・BDSM Course】
60 Minutes 13,000 Yen  90 Minutes 21,000 Yen  120 Minutes 29,000 Yen  every 30 minutes more +8,000 Yen
【Double Mistress Course】
60 Minutes 28,000 Yen  90 Minutes 40,000 Yen  every 30 minutes more +11,000 Yen


Anal play(Fisting, Expanding, Strap-on), Nipple play

Ball busting, Ball kicking, CBT(Cock and Ball Torture)

Body Worship, Facesitting (clothed)

Foot fetish, Foot and Shoe, Boots Worship, Pantyhose adoration

Chasity Control, Humiliation, Tie and Tease

Humiliation in all its forms (verbal and physical)

Double Domme

Candle/Wax, Objectification – human furniture/ashtray

Puppy Training and Pet Training

Spitting, Water sports, Tickling

Trampling, heels, boots, bare foot & covered


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