Step.1 -Reservation-

※To book a session, please use the booking form.
※First-time customers must book at least one week in advance.
We do not accept bookings made 6 days or less prior to the session. Please fill in the booking form at least 7 days before the session date.
Members can make bookings 2 days in advance.
※Our office staff does NOT speak English, so please refrain from calling on landline (unless you feel confident to communicate in Japanese).
- Sessions can be booked between 13 and 22 o'clock (1pm and 10pm).
We do not have a dungeon; the session will be in a 'love hotel' or your room in a hotel in Osaka city area.

◇◇About hotels◇◇

The hotel fee is paid by the customer.
You can find a list of available hotels under Hotel list.
If you chose a hotel outside Namba-Naka 1-Choume, a transportation fee will be necessary.
Sessions with a duration under two hours are only available in Namba-Naka 1Choume (all hotels in the hotel list under "free transportation fee").
If you want to have a session in a hotel, that is not in the hotel list, please get in touch with us.
Please be aware that a session in hotels which are not in the vicinity of Namba (Shinsaibashi, Nihonbashi, etc.) are not possible in general.

Step.2 -Making the deposit-

In order to make the booking, a deposit of 50 % of the session fee is required.
The payment can be made bank transfer.
(Due to legal reasons payment forms like PayPal or Credit Cards (issued in other countries than Japan) cannot be used.)

Step.3 -Confirmation of reservation-

1. Please send us an email on the day before your session before 10 pm (JST).
If you do not send an email, your session will be cancelled.
2. Send another email on the day of your session, 1 hour before your session.
If you do not send an email, your session will be cancelled.
※If you have to cancel your session, be so kind and send us a short notice.

Step.4 -Day of your session-

・Love hotel (see the hotel list for possible hotels:):
Meet the mistress in front of the hotel and go into the room together.
An average love hotel in Namba starts at 1,990 Yen on a weekday and 2,690 Yen on weekends or public holidays (each price for 90 minutes).

※For sessions in a love hotel, please be on time! If you don't show up without prior notice the session will be cancelled.

・At your hotel (near Namba area): Be at your room at the designated time.
In the case, it is not possible to enter your room without a key or to go upstairs for visitors, please meet the mistress in the lobby.

Step5. -Counseling・Session-

・After entering the hotel room, the mistress will call the staff of our club.
・Pay the session fee in advance. We only accept Japanese Yen, in cash.
・Due to legal reasons our club has a membership system. Admission fee accounts for 2,000 Yen.
Please note that you will have to sign our Terms of Service (check the System page for detailed information).


Enjoy the session.

Step7 -After your session-

10 minutes before your course ends, the mistress will receive a call from our staff.
The session will end and the mistress will tidy up the room.

Public transport

The closest station is Namba station, accessible by Subway Midosuji Line, Yotsubashi Line, Sennichimae Line, JR trains and Nankai.