Admission fee:
2,000 Yen (first time only)

Booking deposit:
A deposit of 50 % of the session fee is required to make a booking.
We do not accept reservations if you cannot make a deposit via Wise or bank transfer.
The deposit can only be paid by Wise or bank transfer.

Nominate fee (choosing a particular mistress):
Varies by Mistress. For details, please check the Mistress' page.
※If you want to make a booking on a Mistress' day off, you will need to pay 3,000 yen for special appointment fee.

Hotel fees have to be paid separately.
In order to use this club, you have to sign our Terms of Service, which can be found below, at the beginning of your first session.
Please be aware!
Special courses, which rely on verbal communication (feminization, glans course, milking course etc.) can only be booked if you are a Japanese native speaker or if you speak Japanese on a very good level!
These courses will not be available in English. Thank you for understanding.

-Single Mistress-

This Course does not have 30 and 45 minutes.
60 minutes19,000 yen
90 minutes28,000 yen
120 minutes37,000 yen
150 minutes46,000 yen
180 minutes55,000 yen
210 minutes 64,000 yen
240 minutes73,000 yen
each 30 minutes more9,000 yen
30 minutes extension11,000 yen

-Triple Mistress-

You can have a session with three Mistresses.
60 minutes57,000 yen
90 minutes84,000 yen
120 minutes111,000 yen
150 minutes138,000 yen
180 minutes165,000 yen
each 30 minutes more27,000 yen
30 minutes extension 33,000 yen

-Double Mistress-

You can have a session with two Mistresses.
60 minutes38,000 yen
90 minutes56,000 yen
120 minutes74,000 yen
150 minutes92,000 yen
180 minutes110,000 yen
210 minutes128,000 yen
240 minutes146,000 yen
each 30 minutes more18,000 yen
30 minutes extension22,000 yen

-Quadruple Mistress-

You can have a session with four Mistresses.
60 minutes76,000 yen
90 minutes112,000 yen
120 minutes148,000 yen
150 minutes184,000 yen
180 minutes220,000 yen
each 30 minutes more36,000 yen
30 minutes extension44,000 yen

KR×Ishtar special course

A session with Mistress Kira and one or more of the mistresses from Club Ishtar.


It may be the case, that some options may not be available with every mistress.
Please check back the mistresses' pages for further details.

・Stockings/panties etc. worn more than 1 day 1,000 yen
・Mistress does not shower one day before 3,000 yen
・Menstrual blood ※ Reservation required  3,000 yen
・Another mistress attends your session for 15 minutes   5,000 yen
・Another mistress attends your session for 30 minutes  10,000 yen
・Vomit ※ Reservation required  8,000 yen
・Scat ※ Reservation required  10,000 yen
・Photo and video Shooting  Ask

Latex options

・Latex bed seats  1,000 yen ※Mistress Saran only
・Latex bondage sleep sack  1,000 yen ※Mistress Saran only
・Latex vacuum sack  1,000 yen ※Mistress Saran only
・Latex vacuum bed  3,000 yen
・Latex inflatable body sack M size  4,000 yen
・Latex inflatable body sack XL size  4,000 yen
・Rental latex catsuit  3,000 yen
・Latex total enclosure (Mistress)   5,000 yen
・Rental latex total enclosure(Customer)  5,000 yen

▲Ishtar – Terms of service▲
※The following persons cannot use our services:
・Persons under the age of 18.
・The use of alcohol, narcotics or any other drugs.
・Persons with infectious diseases or STDs.
・Unhygienic persons and persons who refuse to take a shower before the session starts.
・Persons who refuse to follow the rules of our club or have broken the rules before.
・Persons who do not show up to sessions or persons who cancelled sessions numerous times before.
・Inappropriate persons and persons our personnel deems not suitable to our establishment.

※The following actions are strictly forbidden:
・SEX and any action other than SM.
・Blowjobs, full nudity, topless, kissing, oral. Asking for or requesting one of these.
・Using, offering or forcing to use drugs. Bringing or using legal drugs or stimulating substances.
・Doing physical or mental harm to our personnel.
・Performing any action our personnel disagrees with.
・Requesting private sessions or services from the mistress.
・Stalking or similar actions.
・Taping or recording the session.
・Touching, stealing or destroying belongings of the mistress.
・Delaying our personnel after the session is over.
・Hindering the mistress from contacting the club at the beginning or end of session.
・Violating the Japanese law or doing anything against public order and morals.
・Using medical instruments.
・Bringing other persons to the session.

Should a violation of our TOS be found out during a session, the session will end immediately with no session fee refund. Moreover a refund of session fees for any other reason is not possible.