KR x Ishtar Double Mistress course

A session with Mistress Kira and one or more of the mistresses from Club Ishtar.
Mistress Kira official site KR:

◆Registration fee: KR ¥10,000, Ishtar ¥5,000
※If you are already registered with one of the clubs, only the other club’s fee will be necessary.
Nomination fee: free
Transportation costs: No transportation fee for hotels in KR’s free-transportation zone in Nipponbashi or Club Ishtar’s free-transportation area in Namba.
For hotels in other areas, please get in touch with us (a transportation fee will be charged).

【Double Mistress course (Mistress Kira and a Mistress from Club Ishtar)】
60 minutes 40,000 yen
90minutes 58,000 yen
120minutes 76,000 yen
150minutes 94,000 yen
180minutes 112,000 yen
each 30 minutes longer 18,000 yen

【Triple Mistress Course (Mistress Kira and two Mistresses from Club Ishtar)】
60minutes 58,000 yen
90minutes 84,000 yen
120minutes 110,000 yen
150minutes 136,000 yen
180minutes 162,000 yen
each 30 minutes longer 26,000 yen

【Group discipline course (Mistress Kira and three or more Club Ishtar Mistresses)】
60minutes(4 Mistresses) 76,000 yen (5 Mistresses)94,000 yen
90分(4 Mistresses) 110,000 yen (5 Mistresses)136,000 yen
120分(4 Mistresses) 144,000 yen  (5 Mistresses)178,000 yen
150分(4 Mistresses) 178,000 yen  (5 Mistresses)220,000 yen
180分(4 Mistresses) 212,000 yen  (5 Mistresses)262,000 yen
each 30 minutes longer(4 Mistresses)34,000 yen (5 Mistresses)42,000 yen

You can use most options KR and Club Ishtar are offering.
※The option “Neglect” and “Dating Course” cannot be booked.
※The option “Rannyu” (another mistress joins an ongoing session for a short period), can only be used with Mistresses from Club Ishtar.

◆How to book
Contact either KR or Ishtar and tell us your desired date, time, session length and other wishes.

KR:Please contact via mail form.
※Please add to your white list, if needed.


Mistress Kira
Mistress Kira is very famous Mistress who appeared in countless SM movies.
She perfected everything from soft fetish play up to the hardest slave domestication methods.
A charismatic and skillful Dominatrix, who knows what slaves need.
Mistress Kira official site KR: